Not your Mothers Chardonnay

I'm not sure if anyone is reading this page, but I thought I'd post a question to the universe and see if I get any answers!  Being at the shop almost every day for the past 6+ months I've noticed there are obvious trends in wine.  Everyone knows about Pinot Noir (Esp. Oregon).  Young girls often ask if we have Malbec.  People are always looking for dry wine.  Everyone wants a rosé that isn't SWEET. 

Which brings me to my title subject...

No one likes Chardonnay.  

I know that's a big statement and maybe I'm incorrect, but for the uninitiated, when you mention Chardonnay to anyone they just kinda cringe, or scoff, or toss their head and say "Oh, no, I really don't like Chardonnay.  It's so buttery".  They have this preconceived notion of their Mothers Chardonnay.  Those big oaky buttery Chards from the California of yesteryear.  And well, that just isn't the case anymore.  It almost seems the opposite, as it can be hard to find Chardonnay that isn't done completely in stainless steel.  

So my question to you is, trends in wine?!?!  Notice any?  Love some, hate some?  What do you think about them, where they are going or have gone?  And do you have any recommendations for a "Not your Mothers Chardonnay"?




Posted on November 25, 2013 .